Streamlining the Dental Office Management

MB2 Dental CEO, Chris Steven Villanueva said every year they meet and they usually connect with the intelligent dental students yearning to learn about their industry. Their goals for the recruiting events include introducing students to MB2, establishing relationships with upcoming doctors, and educating students to be aware of the opportunities they will have after completing dental school.

According to PR Newswire, MB2 Dental Solutions is a dental management network, which is composed of dental practice owners. On April 20, 2017, MB2 hosted its last event for the recruitment of the year for dental pupils from the dental school of Texas A&M University. During the school year of 2016-2017, MB2 visited students around TX and the neighboring states to equip the dental students with networking opportunities and resources for expanding the planning options of their careers following graduation.

The event of Texas A&M College of Dentistry, held in the area of Knox Henderson at Chelsea Corner had a stunning turn out of third and fourth-year dental students. Doctor owners and, students chatted while they enjoy drinking and eating. MB2 was founded on the concept that doctors could assist each other to accomplish more unitedly than working individually as dentists. With MB2’s close-knit leadership and over 75 affiliated locations, it has allowed dentists to run practices that are successful while maintaining a network of the other dentist owners and healthy work-life balance.

MB2 Dental Solutions provides personalized systems and services, knowledge and guidance to 70+ independently-owned and independently-operated dental offices in Alaska, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Tennessee, New Mexico, and Texas. Their foresight is a community that dentists are focusing on what they usually do best, which is providing high-quality dental care to patients. They believe that when they help their customers with their business aspects related to their practice, it lets them focus their time and energy on meeting each patient’s needs.

MB2 understands that patient satisfaction and care is of the highest importance to their customers and that usually, the nonclinical duties could be time-consuming, burdensome, and confusing. They also provide personalized systems, guidance, and knowledge to their clients for helping them with nonclinical tasks as well as assisting them in making business decisions that are strategic.

In the year 2014, MB2 partnered with the CDI Group by designing and executing the established priority dental plan. CDI Group is working closely with the MB2 Dental senior management; they formed a dental plan fitting the brand of MB2 and its related practices. The priority dental plan helps the affiliated dentists of MB2 in offering their expanding patient base an option that’s affordable of receiving complete care dentistry every time they are visiting an affiliated office. The plan is experiencing fast growth, and it has become an essential part of the culture of MB2. It helps MB2 patients to get affordable dental care, and affiliated dentist to obtain a higher case rate of acceptance. Also, the plan has become an important tool for marketing that constantly drives new patients to affiliated offices of MB2.

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Lime Crime Sets the Stage For Consumers Expressing Their Desires Through Makeup

Thinking about starting a business? Are you worried that you might not be ready or that you don’t know enough about a business yet to start one? Starting your own business can be a stressful time however it can be rewarding all at once. Here are some things you have to consider before making the leap. Learn from fellow business owner Doe Deere about what starting a business can be like. Learn more:


Doe is a successful business owner who has worked for many years to become as successful as she is today. She has created a line of cosmetics that all girls and even guys like. She started her business in 2004 after living in NY City. She has always been interested in art and this helped her to be the success that she is today.


Most people will start a business because they carry a passion for the work they are doing. While there are a number of businesses that did not come from a passion, most are. If you are interested in starting a business, Doe suggests starting a business you know a lot about and one that you are passionate for to help you stay intrigued and interested in the business.


A true entrepreneur knows how to turn a passion into a wonderful business adventure. They know how to come up with a plan to market a business and then use that plan to put into motion what to do to make the business successful. You must start first with planning all the details about the business and then use those plans to take your leap of faith of starting a business. Learn more:


Doe is so successful because of the fact that she listens to everything that people say. She knows that by opening up and listening to what others say, your open to learning. Doe Deere was born in Russia but her family moved to NYC when she was young. She opened Lime Crime with the idea to allow cosmetics to open up people to move than just concealing their imperfections as well as ensuring that people are free to self-express through their makeup.


For Doe, she encourages others to do more than what is the trend or using something that is natural. She wants users to feel right in what they are wearing and if they are not happy with the color choices they are wearing because they simply are following a trend, then they should switch to Lime Crime for more choices on bolder and brighter colors. Learn more:


MB2 Dental Revolutionizes Dental Management


MB2 Dental solutions is a relatively new dental Management Company founded by Dr. Chris Villanueva in 2009, and is predicated on emphasizing autonomy for their network of practitioners; MB2 believes in leveraging specialized assistance, commonly associated with group practices, to enhance the patient-practitioner experience. In an article in IdeaMench, a community resource for entrepreneurs, Dr. Villanueva explains the impetus for MB2 Dental Solutions; according to Villanueva, most dental school students are presented with only two occupational paths once they have received their degree. Oftentimes, dental graduates are tasked with choosing between joining large group practices or starting their own private practice; Villanueva believed that there should be a third option in which practitioners would be afforded the benefits of group practices, but would still be, in essence, a private practice dentist.


MB2 is comprised of an estimated 70 affiliated locations spanning six states and has a workforce of roughly 533 employees, all working in concert with one another to provide superior dental care to their patients. Dr. Villanueva believes that his business model allows practitioners to better concentrate on their role in dentistry without the bureaucratic distractions, common amongst dental offices. Because MB2 Dental Solutions is a dentist-owned business it is markedly different when compared to traditional dental management companies; MB2 Dental provides their network dentist with the following to help them better manage their practices:

 Knowledge

 Guidance

 Personalized Systems

Now that you have a better understanding of MB2 Dental Solutions; let’s get a better understanding of founder and CEO, Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, DMD. According to, an online resource for patients to locate doctors, Dr. Villanuea is an active dentist located in Texas who has been practicing General Dentistry for 15 years and is a graduate of Nova Southeastern University, graduating in 2004.


MB2 is constantly looking for ways to further build on their revolutionary business strategy and recognizes that in order to accomplish this they will have to turn their focus towards recruiting talented, and ambitious, dentistry students. On April 20, 2017, MB2 Dental Solutions played host to their final recruitment for the 2017-year; the company focused their recruiting efforts on dental students from Texas A&M College of Dentistry. According to Villanueva, this recruitment process is an annual endeavor, which allows MB2 Dental Solutions the opportunity to engage students interested in learning more about the industry. Although the goal of attending these recruitment events is to recruited talented dentist, MB2 also views these events as an opportunity to bring awareness to certain resources, as well as networking opportunities, that will facilitate career options post graduation.


MB2 Dental Solutions is a prime example of a disruptive brand that is poised to change the perception of dental management; with an innovative business model, that bridges traditional group practice and private practice, this is a company that will continue to gain traction. MB2 Dental Solutions understands that the dental practitioners who have elected to join their network represent the foundation of their company, and they work tirelessly to ensure their success.

Beneful is Packed Full of Nutrition and Love

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