Why Talos Energy is a Force to reckon with in the Oil Industry

Talos Energy recently grabbed the headlines after finalizing a lucrative agreement to purchase Whistler Energy 2, LLC. With such an acquisition, the prominent oil company intends on harnessing the production of 1,900 barrels of oil widely believed to be a substantial improvement from the initial 1,500 barrels a day.

At $52 million, Talos Energy had successfully presented an initial purchase offer with a subsequent $77 million wrapped up in collateral that had fortified Whistler Energy’s bonds. Through the transaction, the oil juggernaut recouped $31 million with the former company entitled to the residual $46 million. More importantly, Talos Energy showcased its impressive sales skills by making adequate use of the $7 million disbursed during the time of purchase.

According to seasoned analysts from either side, the transaction represents a substantial triumph through which the seller reaped an astronomical $100 million in cash while Talos Energy’s net payment at $14 million represented an estimated $9,333 per net. Through the transaction, the prominent oil company was in a unique position to earn significant revenue from three oil blocks in the Central Gulf of Mexico-the Ewing Bank 988, Green Canyon 60 and the Green Canyon 18. All leases are obtained by production.

Initially developed by ExxonMobil and subsequently purchased by Whistler in 2012, the Green Canyon 18 field consists of the cumulative production of over 117 million barrels of oil. Alternatively, the facility operating an estimated 18 miles in the outskirts of Talos attributes its stellar production to the Tornado and Phoenix Field discovery. With over thirty thousand barrels of oil in production per day, the oil block has proven to be a resourceful asset to its subsidiary company.

According to the oil company’s Chief Executive Officer, Timothy Duncan, the latest acquisition speaks volumes about the oil magnet’s unwavering commitment to purchasing crucial assets in core sectors such as hydrocarbon prolific inclusion, unused production facilities, and low entry costs.

As a testament to its financial strength, the company also purchased Stone Energy as part of its ambitious expansion program. Headquartered in Houston, Talos Energy aims at optimizing its high-quality asset portfolio and capital programs in the Gulf of Mexico. Such diversity resonates with the company’s mission to promote business development opportunities.

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Ted Bauman Is One Of The Leading Economists

Ted Bauman has taken on various positions over the course of his career in the financial industry and he is known by many as one of the greatest economists out there today. Ted was raised in Maryland, but following his basic education, he moved to South Africa, where he would remain for the better part of 25 years. While in South Africa, Ted was able to attend the Cape Town University and earn degrees in History and Economics. With his post-graduate degree finished, Ted Bauman had no trouble earning manager positions at various different organizations. One of the most notable organizations that Ted worked for was Slum Dwellers International, which helps millions of people around the world every year.

During his time abroad, Ted did plenty of traveling throughout Africa as well as Asia. According to Ted, this greatly helped him expand his capacity for the economic industry as well as different political matters that affect it. Using this knowledge, Ted has personally published his own research through commentary to various different journals.

It was in 2008 that Ted Bauman decided to return to the United States after he found a position as International Programs Director for a company in Atlanta. In 2013, Ted found Banyan Hill Publishing and was invited to join the firm as an editor. He is one of the leading writers for the site today, helping thousands of investors with his research and economic insight. Ted Bauman has one of the top read weekly newsletters on the platform known as the Bauman Letter. Ted is also the author for the Plan B Club, which is an essential guide for those who plan on traveling. Moving to a new country can be a difficult thing to do, but worth it when the opportunity is right. Through Ted’s guide, investors can follow accurate information on how to make the transition and protect their current wealth at the same time.

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Badiali’s Freedom Checks are Legit and Profitable

The freedom checks investment has been vetted since the first advertisement hit the airwaves. Like any wealth generating opportunity the question of honesty comes into play. Is the opportunity a scam, or an actual investment people can depend on. A close look at the investment itself, as well as the people offering it usually answer this question effectively. In the case of freedom checks such vetting revealed that the investment was an actual investment after all. An opportunity offered by a legitimate investment source.

The source in question is Matt Badiali. A trained geologist who began his career in the natural resource market, Badiali is a reliable source of actionable information. He uses his knowledge to effectively ply his trade through hands on investigation. He is also able to point out opportunities by keeping a close eye on ever-changing market fluctuations. Freedom checks are a little known perk that Badiali is now advocating because of a significant shift in U.S. oil. As more business begins to come to America, and the nation gains more energy independence, stateside companies will turn quite a profit. This makes freedom checks a good investment to get in on. But what exactly is it?

A freedom check is an investment in what is known as a master limited partnerships. These are business entities resource companies assume to enjoy beneficial perks. The chief perk is a significant tax break allocated to the company if it divvies out 90% of its profit to stakeholders. Stakeholders are the investors that purchase a small percentage of the company for working capital. The capital is the other perk as it allows these business the same cash flow as a publicly traded entity.

As the profit must be doled out before taxes, anyone investing in MLPs receives a payout throughout the year. This payout is known as a return of capital payment, basically a reimbursement for money given. Only this reimbursement is doubled or tripled by the profit the company makes. Such payments have been named freedom checks by Badiali. A freedom check is a bankable opportunity that bears no hint of fraud.

Sussex Health Healthcare renders excellent services

Sussex Healthcare is an organization that has become successful because of providing quality services to its patients. The company is located in Sussex, England but it is growing to other areas as well. The main reason why the company was started is to offer quality services to seniors and other people with issues like neurological disabilities. Dealing with these health issues is not easy because it requires staff members who are trained well. It is not easy to achieve success in this field, but Sussex Healthcare has stood out from the rest and attracted many patients because of the treatment they get at the center. They have worked hard to convince them that they can get the services they want at the organization. Since it started over twenty years ago, it has experienced growth over the years. It has been developing in different perspectives. The reason for such growth is that it is committed to providing quality services by training the staff members. The leaders have also been helpful because they guide the employees on how to handle the patients. Visit CV Library to know more.

Sussex has been under the strong leadership of two professionals who are dedicated and hardworking. Shafik Sachedina and Shiraz Boghani are the leaders who have ensured the development of the company. Sachedina is a trained doctor who deals with dental surgery. He is experienced in the field of healthcare, and that is why he is the best person to lead the organization. He guides other workers at the organization to ensure they give the best services to their clients. Shiraz Boghani is another leader who has been crucial in the development of the company. He is one of the most successful entrepreneurs because he has ventured into healthcare and hospitality businesses. He uses his experience and vast knowledge to run Sussex Healthcare. Learn more about Sussex Healthcare at Esht.nhs.

Those who have benefitted from the services offered by Sussex Healthcare are the senior people in the society and others with various disabilities. Such people need proper care and attention, and that is why Sussex Healthcare has proved to be the best. The organization has also established other branches in the country because it has been growing since it started. The primary mission is to ensure as many people as possible receive the best healthcare services.

Check: https://sussexhealthcare.jobs.net/

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Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum Created New Trends in Orthopedic Surgical Processes

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is a forward-thinking Orthopedic Surgeon. He has created a hip replacement system that does not involve the use of cement. He also made instruments for multiple compartmental hip replacement procedures. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum’s work has been recognized and he is considered a leading authority on orthopedic surgery within his field.


This highly competent medical professional has a long-standing career that began at Brown University. This college is located in Providence, Rhode Island and it gave Kirschenbaum the background he needed to start his career. He continued his studies at the Rothman Institute in Philadelphia.


Once he finished his training at that university he headed over to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons. From there he joined the American Board of Orthopedic Surgeons. He is even a member of the American Association of Hip and Knee Surgery. The knowledgeable doctor also boasts of membership with the Orthopedic Research Society. As you can see, Dr. Kirschenbaum is well trained within his profession. He is also well connected with his peers.


Kirschenbaum has worked as a surgeon for many years. However, he is just as passionate about his inventions and processes that he has created for his profession. Did you know that Dr. Kirschenbaum produced a DVD that shows surgeons how to perform unicompartmental knee replacements?


This DVD is actually featured at the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons as a training material. The good doctor is also engrossed with partial knee replacement research. He is trying figure out new processes for ceramic hip replacement and surgical procedures that require few incisions. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is truly a busy medical professional that is compassionate about his career.

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Deidre Baggot at the forefront of Bundled Payments.

Ms. Deirdre Baggot has an extensive educational background in the health and business field. She has a certificate in Healthcare Leadership from the University Of Pennsylvania Wharton School Of Business.

From the University of Colorado she holds a Doctorate of Philosophy, and from Loyola University Graduate School of Business, she earned her Master’s in Business Administration. To top it up, she has a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Deirdre Baggot has extensive experience, having worked for six years as Senior Vice President at a National Consulting Firm and Practice Leader for case rate payments, popularly known as bundled payments. You can find Deirdre Baggot on Twitter @deirdre_baggot

Before this, she worked in academic health care for almost ten years first at Northwestern Memorial Hospital then at the University of Michigan Health System. She has published more than twenty papers on case rate payments, reforms in the health system and changes in reimbursement.

In bundled payment, the health care provider (hospital or physician) gets is paid by costs expected to be incurred as per the clinical diagnosis of the patient. It is a system of payment that has been proposed in the US as a strategy to reduce the costs of medical care.

In January 2013, the Contact Management System (CMS) promulgated that several health care corporations will begin implementing the BPCI- Bundled Payments for Care Improvement later in the year. This was after the Affordable Care Act Law was passed paving the way for the health care reforms to be implemented.

On a paper published by Deirdre Baggot and one, Ms. Cleo Burtley titled- Bundled Payments- they both try to explain the financial benefits all stakeholders in the healthcare system will reap from bundled payment, though at first, it may seem like a small move.

The new law covers not only elective surgeries and medical conditions but also post-surgical care with an increased the period of supervision.

Read this article: http://www.acc.org/latest-in-cardiology/articles/2016/09/22/15/15/business-consult


Sussex Healthcare Believes That Life Has to Be Worth Living

For more than 20 years, Sussex Healthcare has been constantly providing care for the elderly and other adults who need specialized care. It’s operating facilities on England’s south coast. the company’s two joint chairmen (who are Shafik Sachedina together with Shiraz Boghani) have bought their divergent backgrounds plus skills to Sussex Healthcare. This combination of Sachedina’s background in medicine as a dental surgeon and Boghani’s experience in managing hotels has been combined over many years to create a vibrant, award-winning adult care network. Visit companieshouse.gov.uk to know more about Sussex Healthcare.

In 1985, the first ever Sussex Healthcare facility was opened. Today, there are over 20 facilities that are operating under the company’s umbrella. This includes daycare facility plus a modern gym, together with its full-care residential “houses.” Sussex Healthcare specializes in running live-in facilities for older individuals dealing with Alzheimer’s or dementia and young adults who have neurological disorders plus other cognitive problems. The company operates facilities catering to both people with extensive care needs as well as individuals with more limited needs.

The company’s skilled support team together with the caregiving staff are well trained and dedicated to taking care of individuals who call their facilities home. Competitive compensation, continuing education, and training are all hallmark of Sussex Healthcare management.Recently, the company announced it has a new CEO. Amanda Morgan-Taylor started her duties as a chief executive officer in July. Visit: https://companycheck.co.uk/company/03533765/SUSSEX-HEALTH-CARE-LIMITED/companies-house-data

However, she took her time to get acquainted with the company and its duties before starting her role as the chief executive officer. As a result, Amanda had an advantage on her agenda; she’s already made a big difference. One of Amanda’s actions was collaborating with the company’s senior management team to start a new director of service improvement, compliance, and quality. Amanda spent three decades in independent and public sectors of social care and health care. She became a certified mental health nurse in 1984 and has been called for as a senior leader.

The services that the company provides are typically based on an ideology that believes everyone in their care deserves continued access to recreational, leisure, and social activities. The simple physical health rubric isn’t enough. The lives that are being lived in the company’s facilities have to be worth living.

Learn more about Sussex Healthcare at Bloomberg.


Mergers and acquisitions by OSI Industries

OSI group in the recent past has grown very rapidly to become one of the world’s food manufacturing companies. Currently, the company is operating about 65 facilities in over 17 countries. The company has over 20,000 employees in their payroll. Subsequently, the company thereby ranks top on the list of the largest private companies in the United States.

Many retail outlets and restaurants have been said to leverage on OSI Company’s reputation to pull more customers into their businesses. As such, OSI industries have been able to penetrate into the market and are currently upping their game by producing more value added products. OSI over the years has been able to secure food prices for the most superior products in the market. Having been able to come up with quite a wide range of foods with superior, it’s not likely that another company might be taking their space soon.

In the recent past, OSI industries has been entering into joint ventures with many processing companies and poultry outlets. This has increased their overall ability to reach many more people around the globe in North America. There also have been one great merger with an Australian company known as Turi. Turi is also one of the largest foods value addition chains in Australia. By blending different foods and cultures the merger group has been able to increase their customer base to a great extent.

Independently, OSI has been able to bring on board lots of facilities in China and India too. In the Philippines, OSI has a partnership with GenOSI. This partnership has also increased its involvement in the poultry industry in Europe through mergers with local companies.

The company also merged up with a Spanish outlet and came up with a food processing facility in Toledo Spain. This partnership is said to have cost OSI industries about 17 million euros. The existing facilities production doubled from 12000 tonnes to about 24000 tonnes creating many more different products. The capital pumped into the industry improved beef, chicken and pork production greatly. In the past couple years, there has been increased consumption of products by OSI industries and other related companies due to improved qualities. OSI will continue setting pace in the food industry by merging with local industries in different parts of the world. This way, OSI is able to understand the needs of local communities as well as make custom food products for them.

For details: www.fooddrink-magazine.com/sections/producers/1308-osi-group

Impressionable Facts About Guilherme Paulus

The sector of hospitality and tourism has been marked by major developments in Brazil, thanks to the efforts of gurus like Guilherme Paulus. He started his investment in the field at the age of 24, and he established the CVC firm. He launched the firm jointly with a famous politician before the partner later withdrew the partnership to explore other ventures.

Guilherme Paulus has continued to build an empire for himself through the notable successes he has achieved in his future. A titan in the field he specializes in, he has inspired many through the changes he has brought through the use of modern technology to move hand in hand with the ever emerging trends.

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CVC has continued to grow tremendously in the recent years and it is today ranked as one of the largest and most successful travel and tourism firms in the country. The firm’s shares were recently purchased by equity, and they amounted to 63.4%, which all in total value to $429 million. The attractive and lucrative nature of the firm’s ventures has attracted a vast number of tourist in the country. Guilherme Paulus also has plans of launching more ventures of its kind in the broader parts of the country near Brazilian airports with the aim of bringing the services closer to the incoming tourist in the country. He has received a lot of apprehension from many people for his ability to solve their problems through his lucrative ventures. Guilherme Paulus continues to follow his passion, and he believes that his successes have been fueled by his customers who always have remained loyal to him.

He is today an inspiration to many young people, and he does not hesitate to share his counsel with them concerning the field of investment. Through launching the GJP Hotels in the country, the renowned entrepreneur he also acquired many other resorts in the area. He looks towards constructing a vast number of hotels in the country with the aim of addressing the diverse needs of his loyal clients. His efforts towards achieving the best have seen him move fast towards improving the country`s economy as well as his overall earnings.

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Career Achievements of Jose Auriemo Neto

As the chairman and chief executive officer of JHSF, Jose Auriemo Neto has monitored the firm’s development of its brand’s interest. Besides, he has also administered the firm’s extensive retail and shopping portfolio with the aim of bringing growth and development in the latter. The renowned investor has worked hard towards accomplishing the set goals of the firm, through which he has seen it establish a broad scope of its operations in the country. The many partnerships that he has signed with various firms have not only seen the firm grow, but it has also led to the economic growth of the country.

Among the notable deals that the firm has ventured into including their agreements with Pucci and Jimmy Choo, among many more. He has also gained passion towards launching shopping malls and the Cidade Jardim shopping complex. Besides, JHSF also ran the first Valentino and RED Valentino stores in Brazil. The budding executive has continued to achieve major successes in his career and back in 1997; he fuelled the establishment of the Parkbem, which is a parking lot management company that has catered for the needs of a significant number of entrepreneurs and clients of the firm.

With his firm being a leading real estate company, it has striven to create employment for the people of Brazil. With the great opportunities that it offers, a vast number of people have acquired a chance to live great lives. Jose has continued to find more opportunities for the growth of his firm, and he has striven to exercise diversity in his operations. He recently ventured into the air industry through the establishment of an airport in Sao Paulo. He also seeks to help other people grow their careers by motivating them and serving as an example to them. He is a leader worth emulating, and a significant number of people have striven to seek his advise.

Through the knowledge he possesses in the field of real estate, he has successfully established the operations of his firm in the broader parts of the globe including the united states, Uruguay and many other parts.

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