Career Achievements of Jose Auriemo Neto

As the chairman and chief executive officer of JHSF, Jose Auriemo Neto has monitored the firm’s development of its brand’s interest. Besides, he has also administered the firm’s extensive retail and shopping portfolio with the aim of bringing growth and development in the latter. The renowned investor has worked hard towards accomplishing the set goals of the firm, through which he has seen it establish a broad scope of its operations in the country. The many partnerships that he has signed with various firms have not only seen the firm grow, but it has also led to the economic growth of the country.

Among the notable deals that the firm has ventured into including their agreements with Pucci and Jimmy Choo, among many more. He has also gained passion towards launching shopping malls and the Cidade Jardim shopping complex. Besides, JHSF also ran the first Valentino and RED Valentino stores in Brazil. The budding executive has continued to achieve major successes in his career and back in 1997; he fuelled the establishment of the Parkbem, which is a parking lot management company that has catered for the needs of a significant number of entrepreneurs and clients of the firm.

With his firm being a leading real estate company, it has striven to create employment for the people of Brazil. With the great opportunities that it offers, a vast number of people have acquired a chance to live great lives. Jose has continued to find more opportunities for the growth of his firm, and he has striven to exercise diversity in his operations. He recently ventured into the air industry through the establishment of an airport in Sao Paulo. He also seeks to help other people grow their careers by motivating them and serving as an example to them. He is a leader worth emulating, and a significant number of people have striven to seek his advise.

Through the knowledge he possesses in the field of real estate, he has successfully established the operations of his firm in the broader parts of the globe including the united states, Uruguay and many other parts.

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The Two Sides to Education Secretary Betsy DeVos

If you were to go to Grand Rapids, Michigan, you would likely notice two prominent political centered surnames. The first name you would notice would be the name of President Gerald Ford. Grand Rapids was the childhood home of the former president of the United States and is the location of the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum. The museum is also the final resting place of the president and his wife. It has an extensive collection about his life and about his history-making presidency. Ford was the first president and vice president to not be elected by a vote to the office, but because he was the Republican speaker of the house during Watergate he was next in line for the position following Nixon’s impeachment. The second political surname you would notice in Grand Rapids is DeVos. Many of the buildings in the city are named after them.


Most of the residents in Grand Rapids would tell you that the DeVos family are known for their philanthropy, education, and political work in the city. This is a sharp turn of contrast to how the media has portrayed Betsy DeVos in the coverage of her work as education secretary of the United State of America. The media has portrayed DeVos and her husband as elitists who do not and could not understand the problems that exist within the education department of the nation.


Based on the words of those in Grand Rapids -even those who do not care for the political points of view of them- Betsy DeVos and her husband can and do understand the problems within the education department. The answer to why this is the case lies in the fact that the two of them were both brought up to be devout Christians who aim to be compassionate toward others. Their philanthropy work resulted in Betsy DeVos speaking to a variety of different students and families who were oftentimes struggling. In an attempt to fix problems within the education department in Grand Rapids, Betsy DeVos has pushed for school choice systems and created scholarship problems for deserving students.


To learn more, visit


As education secretary, Betsy DeVos has continued to be criticized for not being aware enough though by most media outlets and a number of criticizers. The education secretary has learned that she must ignore the criticism in the media and focus on her work. She has visited various schools in the country, presented her school choice ideas and other ideas to the education department, and has been willing to keep dialogues and debates open about decisions for the schools. She pushed for debates to come up with solutions within Congress following the school shooting in Parkland. Her push for debates in Congress about the issue was met with praise from Republicans and Democrats alike. Despite adversity and a negative false media image, Betsy DeVos has and will continue to show who she really is in her work for the education department.

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Funding Management Benefits from Ted Bauman’s Expertise

Ted Bauman is an investing expert, and he shares his expertise with the world through articles and letters. Currently, he works as the editor of the Plan B Club, The Bauman Letter, and Alpha Stock alert and he joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013. At Banyan, he majors in asset security, global migration issues and offering strategies of how to capitalize on low-risk investments. Before these positions, Ted Bauman was editor of Smart Money Alert, served as director in International Housing Programs and has as well served as a consultant for universal governments and the United Nations. He has an experience of over twenty-five years as a fund manager for both for-profit and non-profit projects having worked and lived in South Africa. His attainment of postgraduate degrees in Economics and History from the University of Cape Town has boosted his career and has helped him achieve his lifetime objectives. He loves his writing job and enjoys sharing his experience and expertise with people which he does interestingly to entice more readers especially on topics regarding asset protection. He is for the idea that a writer should be able to explain why they choose the subjects they write and why they are essential to the reader which he does.

Ted Bauman is keen to judge the returns in the market and therefore advise people accordingly. In one of his articles, he explains three possible events where a stock market is likely to collapse hence preparing people for certain eventualities. The fact that he does a lot of research before writing any articles means that the information he gives is valid and reliable which makes his work unique. On his part, Ted Bauman takes pride in taking part as a fund manager in a low-cost housing project in South Africa. Additionally, he helped to establish a foundation called Slum Dwellers International which has helped more than fourteen million individuals in thirty-five countries globally. In that case, Ted Bauman has his unique way of giving back to the community and does not forget where came from as South Africa is a significant beneficiary of this initiative. According to him, he is evident in the fact that nobody is perfect, and people experience challenges, but the manner in which they handle them is what brings the difference. In that case, when one makes mistakes, they should not waste time there but use them as a stepping stone

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Why Sussex Healthcare is Hiring Versatile Caregivers

Sussex Healthcare is a business that offers care for the elderly suffering from neurological disorders, as well as physical disabilities. Although the home is not limited to just care for the elderly, it is a major component of what happens at Sussex Healthcare on a daily basis. Therefore, they are now hiring for caregivers who are versatile in their ability to offer various types of care and physiotherapy.

Those who are hired by Sussex Healthcare should take pride in their work, and be happy to be a part of the decision making process when it comes to care plans and physiotherapy. This award-winning care group is known for the high-quality care that they have been giving at their homes for more than 25 years. Providing elder care, assisted living service, nursing and residential care, residents can receive a wide variety of care while they are away from their family members and loved ones.

Those who desire to work in healthcare, offering compassionate care to the elderly, and those with disabilities, should apply at Sussex Healthcare. As an independent care company offering support homes and physical rehabilitation services offers 20 homes in various locations. Although headquarters are based primarily out of Sussex, these homes are a great source of comfort for loved ones who seek professional care for their loved ones.

Specializing in neurological disabilities and physical disabilities, this group brings the best care to you in Sussex, Horsham, Crawley, Billinghurst, East Grinstead, and Uckfield. Regardless of where you live in England, you’re sure to find jobs posted throughout for Sussex. Whether you are a nurse, patient care assistant, physical therapist, senior care assistant, jobs in food service, or even leadership positions like chef and more, you should apply.

Those who work with Sussex Group should expect to give the highest level of care, as well as the ability to receive competitive pay, and great training too.

Graeme Holm: Founder Infinity Group Australia

Australian Financial Review recently ranked infinity Group Australia in its prestigious list of the most innovative companies in Australia and New Zealand. The financial company was ranked number #58 out of thousands of companies from the region.




Infinity Group Australia was started by Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker in 2013. In the few years, it has been operational; Infinity Group Australia is the fastest growing debt reduction and money management company in the region. They have helped countless people reduce their debts burdens as well as securing their future. It is good news for the company that just five years down the line they are ranked among the best companies.




The processing of picking the companies is done by highly qualified auditors so that the credibility of the ranking can be relevant. Only the best get a spot on the list. Graeme Holm described the ranking as an affirmation of the good work that the company is doing. The clients who have benefited from the work of this company can attest that they are game changes when it comes to matters of lowering debts. People no longer have to worry about their finances as long as they have Infinity Group handling their finances. They can go about their other tasks knowing that someone is monitoring the finances to avoid wastages. The company wants to prove that it is possible to live a good, comfortable life while repaying debts.




Graeme Holm started this company because he found that many people were struggling in silence with no one to help them. Banks are the main beneficiaries of the challenges that face the people when repaying loans. The interest rates keep on rising especially if the payment is delayed.




Holm has experience working in the banking sector and is the right person to tell about solutions to the industry. He does not want to see the people being mistreated by banks which do not want to help their customers with the basic information on money management.




Graeme Holm has spent the past 17 years in the banking sector. He has seen how banks operate and that is why he wants to save the people from the traps that the banks set for their customers.




Banks do not want someone who will pay their loan in a short time. This is the main reason why they want to keep money management lessons from their customers as far as possible. They make profits when their customers take a long time to repay the loan. The interest rates from the banks are what generate profits. The only way they can generate interest rates is when customers take a long time to repay a loan. The extended repayment time favors them. Learn more :


David McDonald and OSI International Expansion

There was an addition of a high-capacity production line to the OSI Food Solutions, an OSI Group branch in Spain. The production line is meant to boost the branch’s output regarding chicken production. OSI Food Solutions which is located in Toledo, Spain just completed the improvements in 2017. These improvements cost the organizations about 17 million euros. Previously, the plant had a capacity of producing about 12,000 tons of chicken products annually. But with these improvements in place, the plant will now be able to deliver double the amount every year. Another advantage that comes with the addition of this production line is the fact that there will be an increase in overall output which is of much benefit to the plant.

According to one of the executives from OSI Foods Solution, the plant will now be able to produce about 45,000 tons of both beef, chicken and pork products every year. Moreover, the new addition will increase the local economy by adding 20 more jobs. Lately, food consumption and economic trends indicated an increase in demand for chicken products within Spain and Portugal. According to the managing director of OSI Foods Solutions, the demand within these countries increased by 8% in the last three years, and because this demand will always grow, OSI want to be ready in advance to cater for the market. David McDonald, the chief operating officer of OSI, said that the expansion would provide a chance for the company to increase its innovative products to its portfolio. The new facility will also help the company to gain new accounts as well as expand in the foodservice sector.

David McDonald is OSI Group chief operating officer as well as the president. David has been working with OSI Group right from its inception. David Macdonald has over three decades of experience in the food production field. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Animals Science from Iowa State University. David McDonald has played a significant role to see OSI Group on the international map. Before being promoted to the executive position, David McDonald was a noticeable project manager for the company.

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Fortress Investment Group Co Founder Wes Edens

Wes Edens is a well known entrepreneur in the financial services industry. He co founded a firm known as Fortress Investment Group. Today, he currently serves as the chairman as well as being a member of its Board of Directors. Before he got involved in entrepreneurship, Edens worked for a number of other firms in the industry. This gave him valuable experience which allowed him to get a firm grasp of how large investment firms are managed. Along with being a successful entrepreneur in the finance industry, Wes Edens is also involved in philanthropy. He is also the owner of a professional basket basketball team as well.

Before Wes Edens began his career, he attended college to study business. He went to Oregon State University where he would earn a bachelor’s degree in business administration. This gave him the fundamental knowledge of business as well as a basic credential to gain employment at investment firms. He would go on to use this degree to help propel his career in the financial services industry.

At the beginning of his career, Wes Edens worked at a number of investment firms where he would gain experience in analysis, management and client relations. One of the firms he worked at prior to becoming the co founder of his firm is Lehman Brothers. At this firm, he was able to advance his career in the industry. This experience would later lead to other opportunities such as working at Blackrock Financial. When he was at this firm, Wes continued to get valuable experience in managing investment options as well as providing clients with helpful advice.

In 1998, Wes Edens collaborated with two other individuals to start up Fortress Investment Group. He would look to develop a financial services firm that offered comprehensive asset management that included private equity, hedge funds and real estate. Over the course of the next two decades, the firm would grow and expand to multiple locations worldwide. The firm currently has office locations throughout the United States and in other regions such as Europe and Asia. Today, Fortress Investment Group is one of the top asset management firms in the world. Billionaire Sawiris, Edens to Buy Aston Villa Soccer Club

Freedom Checks is Another Name for An MLP

A master limited partnership is a publicly traded stake. It functions much like a stock, bears no controlling interest, and affords the business it belongs to working capital. Known as business partnerships, MLPs are mostly used to allow companies to enjoy the tax breaks partnerships are entitled to. This allows a business the ability to take advantage of a unique tax break, one that says taxes will not be taken out on income until investors are paid. The specific tax break MLPs use requires 90% of the income to be dispensed, leaving only 10% to be taxed. 568 companies dealing in the production of oil and natural gas are currently taking advantage of this tax break. All that is required are investors to purchase stakes. So, Matt Badiali is going on T.V. and letting everybody know that such stakes are available. Only he does not call them MLPs, he refers to the investment as Freedom Checks.

If you have seen the Freedom Checks video, then you already know about freedom checks. Badiali even holds one up to the camera so you can see how much John Q. So-and-So is about to make. Although it all seems to good to be true, Badiali is a legitimate investor, and the freedom check is a payout from a legitimate investment. The amounts he talks about come from his understanding of the natural resource market, of which his knowledge is extensive, and his expectation of where it is going to go. Oil production in the Middle East is decreasing, and U.S. oil production is now on the rise. U.S. natural resource companies stand to see quite a boom in their revenue, anyone holding an MLP stake will receive a generous percentage of that boom. All that is required is for an investor to purchase a stake. They can be had for as low as $10 dollars. The more money one invests the higher the percentage. “Freedom Checks” will come either monthly or quarterly depending on the business. They are return of capital payments in reality, personal checks made out to investors by the company they own stakes in.

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Organo Gold Coffee Production

The coffee industry is booming with new demand. Many people are willing to pay a ton of money for quality coffee products. Organo Gold is a coffee company that sells quality products at an affordable price. Some of the coffee items have health benefits outside of caffeine.

A recent study indicated that drinking several cups of coffee each day can be beneficial to a person’s health. Organo Gold wants to take advantage of the industry’s growth by producing more flavors for customers to enjoy. Read the reviews at


One of the reasons that Organo Gold is successful is the company’s commitment to producing quality products. Numerous people enjoy the taste of Organo Gold’s flavors. The company only purchases coffee beans from reputable coffee bean farms. Some farms produce inferior beans at lower prices. Although Organo Gold could increase profits by using these beans, the company cares more about the experience of customers.



Organo Gold has a unique marketing strategy. The company primarily relies on online advertising to boost sales. Designing a marketing strategy is much more difficult than most people realize. Online marketing is less expensive than traditional marketing. The leadership team at Organo Gold would rather spend additional capital on product development. Visit Bizfluent to know more about Organo Gold.

Coffee Industry Trends


With the growth in the coffee industry, many small business owners are developing new coffee products. Most industry experts believe that industry growth will be driven by countries in Asia. A small percentage of people in Asia currently drink coffee. Organo Gold is investing in marketing in new countries to increase sales.

Although Organo Gold is a new company in the industry, the company has already experienced a tremendous amount of success.


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Ted Bauman Encourages Investors To Protect Their Assets In Case Disaster Strikes

Ted Bauman is a writer an editor with Banyan Hill Publishing, and he has been serving investors for years through his advice and experience. He focuses mainly on low-risk investing as well as asset protection and reaches people through The Bauman Letter, Plan B Club, and Alpha Stock Alert. He was born in the United States but emigrated to South Africa as a young man and lived there for 25 years. He earned postgraduate degrees in economics and history at the University of Cape Town in South Africa and has helped millions of economically disadvantaged people through his work with nonprofits.

Ted Bauman wants investors to plan ahead for disaster or any other kind of unexpected turn of events. One way to do this is to always have a portion of your assets kept somewhere financial institutions can’t get a hold of it. Many people do this by keeping cash, jewelry, or other valuables at home, but fires or other natural disasters could destroy a home. To prevent the ruin of all of these kinds of assets when a natural disaster strikes, Ted Bauman has some recommendations.

One of the first of Ted Bauman’s recommendations are to keep a lock box or home safe on-hand where artwork, guns, cash or other valuables can be kept. It is best to bolt the safe down, and it is even better to open up a safe-deposit box at a bank. The only problem with this strategy is the fact that valuables inside of a safe-deposit box are not covered by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Investors may also consider getting a safe-deposit box at a foreign bank like one in Switzerland. Independent vaults in the United States are another option because they are not regulated by the government or courts. The downside with these is that a court can take a look at the inside of your vault by issuing a court order.

Ted Bauman believes a better solution is to open up a discreet vault with a foreign vault company that doesn’t bow down to the IRS or government regulations. You also don’t have to report cash, gold, or silver assets. Some companies can build personalized vaults, and these are a decent option, too.