Brian Bonar Outstanding Financial Leader And Executive

Brian Bonar is renowned for his outstanding success as a finance executive. Brian Bonar has excellent experience as an entrepreneur with a proven stellar track record. He has taken many notable leadership roles in various organizations where he has offered comprehensive services. His business leadership has a remarkable background evident in the excellence with which he has undertaken leadership roles at firms like Dalrada Financial Corporation.

Brian is currently the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman at Trucept. Trucept was formerly known as Smart-Tek Solutions Inc. He, however, still holds his role at Dalrada Financial Services. Brian Bonar has an unmatched passion for design process as well as meticulous attention in executing details. Brian attended James Watt Technical College where he got his Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Engineering. He also has a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering which he attained from Stafford University.

Brian Bonar worked with IBM as a procurement manager before he proceeded to serve as the Director of Engineering for QMS. Brian also managed sales for Adaptec where he garnered enough knowledge to start his company called Bezier Systems. Brian has served other roles in other firms such as the President at Tradeshow Products Inc. since 2008. He has also served as the Secretary and Chairman of Warning Management Services Inc. Brian Bonar also served as the Chief Executive Officer of Warning Management Services Inc.

Brian is a professional who has developed his career over the years. He has made a reputation for himself as a leader who is dedicated to ensuring his clients get the world-class services. He has helped his clients realize their goals as well as supported his team members, and extended project managers reach their full potential. Brian boasts a remarkable portfolio which is inclusive of commercial, multi-family housing, K-12 education projects, retail, and aviation.

Brian Bonar has a diverse blend of experience in various fields. His outstanding skills have significantly helped him to build amazing projects with perfect results. He is complimented by his team of excellent professionals who have helped him to attain wonderful client relationships. With a strong, empathetic, bold and efficient personality Brian has left remarkable marks in all the sectors he has been involved in.

When it comes to reputation, Brain has maintained his respect as one of the most dedicated, focused and reliable entrepreneurs and business leaders. He has also been named as one of the renowned who’s Who’s Executive of the year in finance. He also has an honorary title of Lord Bonar of Wilcrick, Cardiff, UK.