Thor Halvorssen Embarks On A Personal Journey To Halt Human Rights Abuses

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The founder of the Human Rights Foundation, Thor Halvorssen, has recently been making waves for his no nonsense approach towards revealing which nations of the world commit the worst human rights abuses. The path he has taken has set him apart from many in the human rights activism realm who have often looked to avoid revealing the abuses committed by left wing governments, such as Cuba and Venezuela.

Halvorssen himself was born in Venezuela and has seen first hand the problems that have been caused by the ruling socialist government, the abuses suffered by his own family have only added to the need of Halvorssen to expose immoral government acts. Thor Halvorssen has spent a large amount of time assembling an impressive board of directors at the Human Rights Foundation that is currently headed by former chess champion and opponent of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Gary Kasparov. The New York based organization accepts donations from a variety of groups, but does not allow any influence over its politics or future programs to be pushed on the group.

Thor Halvorssen has carved out a successful career as a film producer, which has included his work on a number of documentaries based on human rights activism for various groups; one of the most important documentaries Halvorssen has produced tells the story of the Hungarian uprising of the 1950s against the ruling communist regime.

According to, Thor Halvorssen has lent his voice and influence to many causes in recent years, including providing his knowledge to discussions on many issues for major news outlets from around the world. Thor Halvorssen also purchased the left wing magazine “Ny Tid” in 2010 in his family’s traditional nation of Norway.

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Thor Halvorssen Reveals How Socialism Affected His Own Life

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The 2016 U.S. Presidential election cycle has been one of the most bitter and hardest fought in the history of the country, but the rise of so called anti-establishment figures has continued to shock seasoned political commentators. On the Republican side of the election the rise of Donald Trump has sent shock waves through the GOP, while Bernie Sanders campaign for the nomination of the Democrat’s has grown into one of the largest grass roots campaigns in the history of U.S. elections.


Thor Halvorssen recently completed an interview with Fox Business host Trish Regan, during which he revealed just how socialism has affected the lives of his family members in their native country of Venezuela. Halvorssen based his Human Rights Foundation in New York to avoid issues with freedom of speech like those he has witnessed in Venezuela. Under the rule of the late Hugo Chavez and his successor Halvorssen revealed his own father was imprisoned and tortured for his political views despite holding diplomatic status in the country.


According to this Reddit thread, despite the fears Thor Halvorssen has for the future of Venezuela under socialist rule he revealed his decision to back Bernie Sanders came after a large amount of research into the backgrounds of the other candidates. Halvorssen explained he has already made the largest possible financial donation to the grass roots campaign of Bernie Sanders; this decision was reached because of the problems Halvorssen sees with the connections Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump have with restrictive regimes and dictatorships around the world.

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