Heather Parry: Film Production Mogul

Heather Parry’s company Live Nation Production has proven to be a major player in the film production scene. After “A Star is Born” turned out be a hit, and with her many other successful works like “From Cradle to Stage,” with Miley Cyrus’ sister, she is starting to make a name for herself. She has a vast array of production skills which led her to branch out into other areas of film like music related films which can be seen in “A Star is Born.”

She stated, “I know Bradley, and as soon as I heard he was going to direct it I called his agent, who was on a ski lift at the time.” She recalled. “I said, ‘How does Live Nation get involved with this movie? We have venues and festivals and concert tours and all these assets and ways we can help you market,’ and he was like ‘I’m on a ski lift!,’” she laughs. “But to his credit, he called me right back” She went on to saying how she wound up at a party for Martha Stewart at one of the film’s producer’s house and she spent the majority of the time pitching her involvement in “A Star is Born.”

Before starting her own production company, Heather Parry had extensive experience in production through her time at MTV. At MTV, she was involved in films such as “Get Rich or Die Tryin”, and “The Longest Yard.” She claims that she also pitched the idea for the “Twilight” film series, but nobody thought it would do well, but it ended up bringing in billions of dollars.

After working with Adam Sandler on the “The Longest Yard” Heather partnered with Happy Madison Productions and went on to work on many Adam Sandler famed films.

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José Henrique Borghi of Mullen Lowe – A Leading Figure in Brazilian Advertising Industry

José Henrique Borghi is one of the most popular personalities in the Brazilian advertising industry. José Henrique Borghi has been actively involved in creating ads for some of the biggest multinationals in the world. These companies include Unilever, Sazon, Mitsubishi, Fiat and OX Cosmetics. Right from his early life José Henrique Borghi loved making ads. He has made some of the most memorable ads such Mammal of Parmalat. This advert was created to help in a wildlife conservation campaign. José Henrique Borghi has had an experience of over to decades. During this time he has been able to help numerous companies design and manage their marketing strategies. He is credited for making very effective and efficient ads.

José Henrique Borghi is the founder of Mullen Lowe of Brazil. He always makes sure that his organization remains on top of things by coming up with innovative strategies that work for their clients. They always strive to come up with new ways of doing work which makes sure they are the leader in the Brazillian market. To know more about him click here.

José Henrique Borghi worked for 500 Fortune companies before starting his Mullen Lowe advertising agency. In the agency, he partners with Andre Gomes with whom they run the agency. José Henrique Borghi is a graduate of Pontifical Catholic University in advertising and propaganda. José Henrique Borghi started his career after completing his degree at the Standart Ogilvy Agency. However, he moved on later and joined other companies such as Talent, Leo Burnett, and FCB. After working for all these companies, he felt that he had accrued enough experience to start his own advertising agency. Together with his partner Erh Borghi, they teamed up to form a company known as BorghiErh. This is an agency they started from scratch, with no investors or any other means of support. After recording a significant success, they decided to split the agency between themselves. José Henrique Borghi would later push his share to for Mullen Lowe Agency.

Learn more about him: http://portal.comunique-se.com.br/newsdino/?title=jose-henrique-borghi-na-cobertura-do-festival-cannes-lions-2017-%E2%80%93-confira-as-impressoes-do-publicitario-sobre-o-evento&partnerid=33&releaseid=141830

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