Beneful is Packed Full of Nutrition and Love

The Dinner for Two commercial takes place in a kitchen. The pet owner and her dog are having dinner. The dog reveals the two bonded in 2012. His statement conveys the affection within their relationship. He goes on to criticize the nutritional value of her meal. She is munching on a cheese stick and a cracker. Finally, he expresses disgust at what people allow in their bodies.

The Time to Play commercial takes place in a park. Larry is doing sit-ups while the dog is nudging him to play. His pet is holding a green tennis ball in its mouth. The dog asks Larry if he wants to play. However, Larry does not respond to his question. Then the dog drops the ball. It rolls towards Larry. The next scene shows Larry and the dog running through the park. Larry throws the ball and the happy dog chases after it.

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Beneful Cares About Puppies Health

Beneful puppy dog food is packed with nutrients that developing dogs need. Real ingredients such as chicken, beef, and salmon are mixed with a series of whole grains and actual vegetables. All ingredients are healthy and nutrient especially for growing dogs. Purina Beneful even adds DHA to help with brain and vision development.

Beneful puppy blends are made for almost every dog breed. They offer a variety of dry dog food as well as wet food. Depending on your puppy and how well they handle each of the different foods, Beneful sometimes recommends that you mix dry and wet foods together. Normally, Beneful encourages dogs to start nibbling on dry puppy food blends at 4 weeks old so that they can get familiar with actual dog food instead of just their mothers milk. At 6 months they recommend feeding puppies the blend at regular intervals throughout the day so they can get on a good feeding schedule. At one year, owners should start transitioning to Beneful Originals adult dog food.

If you’re looking to save money on Beneful products you can find coupons directly from the Beneful website or even just from googling Beneful coupons online. Most retailers will have them available.

Categories: Animal Care, Dog Food