Bernardo Chua Markets The Best Ganoderma Infused Products Through Organo Gold

Organo Gold founder Bernardo Chua has been involved in multi-level marketing for many years. He was introduced to the industry when he began to work as an executive for Gano Excel. The company uses sales teams that purchase food products that contain the mushroom ganoderma wholesale and sells them at affordable retail prices.

Chua was able to recruit thousands of customers for Gano Excel products in Hong Kong, the United States and Canada. Eventually he moved to the United States and was given the opportunity to be the president of Gano Excel U.S.A.

A native of the Philippines, Chua learned about the many uses of the ganoderma mushroom as a pre-teen. When he began marketing Gano Excel products in the United States and Canada he was one of the first people to make consumers in the West aware of what ganoderma is and what it can do. Learn more about more Bernardo Chua:

Gano Excel offered coffee, capsules and a wide range of other food products. In 2008 Bernardo Chua decided to start his own company. According to PR News Wire, Bernado Chua called it Organo Gold and he created an extensive network of independent sales representatives to sell its products to consumers in the U.S., Canada and worldwide.

Organo Gold is actually a group of companies which sell ganoderma infused healthy, bioactive coffee, tea and other food products under the name Organo Gold as well as Coffee Connoisseur. The company now has in excess of one million sales representatives and is one of the largest multi-level marketing teams in the world.

Even though consumers rave about the ganoderma infused Organo Gold products, Chua continues to fund research and work with farmers to improve the quality of the ganoderma mushrooms he uses in his products.

The Street has it that Bernardo Chua is also committed to educating people about the benefits of using products with ganoderma. This has led to an increased interest in Organo Gold products.

Chua rebranded his company ORGANO in 2015 and the company has continued its growth throughout North America and worldwide through its growing network of highly motivated, well-compensated independent distributors. It has helped to make Chua a legend in the Philippines.