Dherbs Cleanse Overview

Leading alternative medicine since 2004, the Dherbs cleanse has taken detoxing to a whole new level using a holistic approach. Unlike other detoxes that focus on the colon alone, this cleanse addresses multiple organs and systems of the body including the colon/digestive tract, cardiovascular system, respiratory system, liver/spleen/gallbladder, kidney/bladder/adrenals, blood/lymphatic, and skin. The key features of the Dherbs is that it contains all natural ingredients including ginger root, cayenne pepper, turmeric, eucalyptus, and garlic, as well as allows you to eat an unlimited vegan diet with no concoctions. Check Dherbs at amazon.com for more info.


The founder and CEO of Dherbs, A.D. Dolphin, describes this cleanse as an “internal shower” and “tune-up”, ridding the body from toxins that emerge from air pollution, beauty products, and unfiltered water. This cleanse also releases undigested food, of which the body can hold up to 25 pounds.

How It Works

Dherbs is a 20-day cleanse that instructs you to take five vegan capsules of each unique body-system formula, for a total of 30 capsules a day for the full-body cleanse. Only raw fruits and vegetables and no cooked foods are allowed. Consumers must also weigh at least 100 pounds.


Individuals who have tried Dherbs have cited a weight loss of between 10 to 30 pounds. Celebrities such as Steve Harvey, who has featured Dherbs on his radio and television shows, has tried this cleanse twice, losing 18 pounds the first time. Dherbs has improved the lives of tons of consumers, as evidenced with over 2900 reviews on its website with a 5-star average rating. Some of the benefits that reviewers have reported on Dherbs’s website include:

  • Weight loss and decreased cravings
  • Bloating elimination
  • Joint inflammation reduction
  • Blood pressure improvement
  • Blood sugar optimization
  • Mental and physical energy boost
  • Skin clarification
  • Chest pain relief
  • Headache relief
  • Hot flash alleviation

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