Betsy DeVos’ Involvement in Politics, Business, and Charity

Betsy DeVos is a revered woman who is appreciated for the accomplishment that she has made as a businessperson, education activist, and politician. She is also a generous individual and runs charity activities with her husband, Dick DeVos. The couple has to date donated over $139 million. Forbes recognized their generosity in 2015 and ranked them 24th on the list of the United States’ most philanthropic families. Betsy has accomplished a lot as an education activist. She has been supporting the use of school vouchers and school of choice. According to her, it is necessary to change the current education system so that it can be fair to people from different backgrounds. She serves the current government as the U.S secretary of education. Betsy sits on the Windquest Group and is also a shareholder at Neurocore.


Mrs. Devos and her family have been making donations through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. The organization was started in 1989, and it has focused on justice, leadership, education, art, and the community. In 2015 alone, the family gave $11.6 million to charity. Its donations have facilitated operation at Christian schools, churches, art groups, health research institutions, and hospitals. The DeVos family gave about $100 million as from 1999 to 2004 and half the money was dedicated to Christian-related activities. Organizations that have benefited from them include Institute for Justice, Center for Individual Rights, Baptists for Life, Michigan’s Pregnancy Resource Center, and the Acton Institute.


Betsy and her husband have also offered money to benefit the education sector. As from 1999 to 2014, their foundation gave public schools $59,750, charter schools $5.2 million, and Christian schools $8.6 million. The money that they have donated has supported learning institutions such as Grand Rapids Christian High School Association, Ada Christian School, Holland Christian Schools, Success Academy Charter School, and Grand Rapids Public Schools. Mrs. DeVos’ love for art made President Bush to appoint her to the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts’s board. In 2010, she left the board and donated $22.5 million to start the DeVos Institute ofArts Management. Her son, Rick DeVos, is also a great art lover and he is the founder of ArtPrize. The organization has been holding international art competitions in Grand Rapids since 2009.


The businesswoman has also been very vocal in politics. She has served the Republican Party in different capacities. Betsy was once a delegate to the Michigan Republican Party and also acted as the chairperson of the Republican Party in the state. She has also been involved in the party’s fundraisers to support the election campaign of different candidates. Politicians who have benefited from the DeVos family include Jeb Bush, President Bush, and Carly Fiorina. Betsy and her husband have given $17 million to the Republican Party.


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