Jeffry Schneider; The Philanthropic Investor

Jerry Schneider graduated with his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Massachusetts. He founded Ascendant Capital, LCC, in 2009. He is a financial expert and offers investment tips to several financial firms. He has worked with firms such as Merrill Lynch, Alex Brown, and Smith Barney. Jeffry gives back to the community in several ways. He collaborates with organizations that offer help to the less fortunate, such as the Gazelle Foundation, Wonders, and Worries, among others. Despite being an investment guru, he is also a triathlete. He takes part in the half Ironman competition, in Texas, New Zealand, Florida, Saint Croix, California, and Chile. It involves swimming, bicycle riding and running, all without a pause.

Jeffry Schneider is a health and fitness believer. He is keen on watching his diet and offers health tips to his followers.He also carries out research on the American diet, highlighting its drawbacks. His passion for wellness influences even those around him to follow his path. Jeffry loves traveling around the world. He has visited countries such as Thailand, listing Budapest as one of his best destinations. On social media, he advises his followers on destinations to visit, where to find warm weather and also the best time of the year to visit such places. He also gives them tips on the kind of food to indulge in and how often one should consume it.

Ascendant Capital LLC

Jeffry Schneider’s company has over thirty employees. It focuses on client relations and marketing services. Ascendant is a boutique alternative investment firm that offers investment strategies to broker-dealers, private banks, and Registered Investment Advisors (RIA). Under his leadership, Ascendant Capital has recorded booming success. It has registered almost one billion dollars in the recent years under the watch of several managers.This year, it anticipates rising to fifty million dollars per month. The growth of the company is on an upward track. He owes this to the culture of his business that involves trusting each other, letting people speak their mind and transparency. All these help the company to achieve their goals and more.

Jeffry Schneider is focused on his goals, and he gives it his all. In both his career path and fitness, the same mindset and energy are put, he never stops until he becomes the leader in the respective fields. Jeffry’s love for fitness began with soccer, and later, he developed an interest in biking and swimming.

Jeffry Schneider is also very active on social media. He posts on issues to do with investment strategies as well as giving tips on camps for children with special needs. He offers motivational quotes and comments on his favorite movies and songs.

Refinancing Your Car With Ignition Financial

Ignition Financial in Houston, Texas, has a tremendous program where you can refinance your car loan with the possibility of receiving a lower interest rate and better terms. Just about everyone is familiar with the usual procedure that is common when purchasing a car, as to the financing procedures.


Typically, a consumer will pick out a car, presumably one where the estimated payments fit his budget, and then he signs on the bottom line for a car loan that he barely understands, but he is very happy to be able to drive the car home.


What most people don’t know about, is the actual inner workings of that car loan, and just how much interest is actually involved. The way it works is that lenders like to make as many loans as possible, so they give some pretty nice incentives to the dealers in order to entice them to do business.


The lender will establish a floor rate for the interest on the car loan, and then allow the dealer to mark up past the floor, which then becomes the dealer’s profit. In fact, the dealer will receive a check for the excess interest at the time of the closing on the car. The excess interest can be as much as 2% to 4% to the buyer.


That is why the restructuring of a consumer’s loan using the proprietary automobile refinancing program is so popular. Once a consumer discovers how much can be saved, people will declare, “Go ahead, slash my payments”


The refinancing program simply restructures a new loan for the automobile based upon the consumer’s current credit, and in most cases, the end result is a better loan with terms that are more advantageous.


The refinancing process frees up more money for the consumer and allows him more financial leeway. This is money that can now go into savings, pay some taxes, purchase needed repairs for the house, or perhaps even purchase another car.


Today there are millions of people who hold car loans that are very disadvantageous to them. They may have had poor credit with they purchased a car with a high-interest rate, or they just may have been taken advantageous of. Perhaps their credit has improved, and if so, they have a great opportunity to improve their overall financial situation in a big way.


A consumer can find out very quickly if a car loan refinance will work in his or her situation, and it would be wise for anyone to check it out.

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George Soros has a Way To Rescue Ukraine

George Soros, the well known public philanthropist who is noted for his political interests, has suggestions about how to address the situation in Ukraine. For the last few years Russia has made several military incursions into Ukrainian territory, and attempted to solidify its influence in the region. While international attention was directed at the area in 2014 in the immediate aftermath of the initial Russian assault, since that time media commentators and the general public have not kept in touch with developments.

Nonetheless, the recent election of Viktor Yanukovych has provided a sense of hope, and made clear the strongly pro-European leanings of much of the Ukrainian population. George Soros, who has maintained an interest in the region throughout, suggests that the US and Europe must invest much greater energy in protecting the “new Ukraine” which has emerged since the election. Primarily, Soros notes that the sanctions applied to the Russian economy by the EU were far more effective than expected, and have done much to negatively impact the Russian economy and therefore stall their more expansive ambitions in the Ukraine region. This provides an opportunity which it is vital that Western elements seize upon.

In addition to intensifying sanctions against Russia, Soros stresses the need to provide wide ranging support and assistance to the new Ukrainian government in a time of fragility and instability. Soros makes clear that this would not only have the direct consequence of aiding the Ukrainian effort, but it would also help strengthen Europe as a whole. As he states in this article examining the Ukrainian situation, “by enabling Ukraine to defend itself, Europe would be indirectly also defending itself”.

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Soros also observes that the burden of, as he puts it, “sustaining Ukraine’s breakthrough” falls especially heavily on Germany. As symbolic figureheads of the European idea, with especially hefty economic clout, much of the responsibility in providing help to the Ukrainians while establishing a clear message to the Russians must go to the Russians.

In following the trajectory of the crisis, George Soros has understood that this is essentially a battle over the future of Europe, and a watershed moment in the future of a united Europe. If Europe can send a clear message to Russia and to powerful nations that do not take the threat of Europe seriously, then it is much more likely to be able to move forward as a community that is taken seriously. As Soros observes, the European community often seems like it is “kicking the can down the road” fumbling from one crisis to the next. This strategy is never likely to expand the influence or prestige of the organization, nor is it going to allow the EU to act as a strong deterrent to aggression within the continent. It is therefore vital that, as Soros urges, the European community, with the help of the US, employ decisive action in the form of robust economic sanctions against Russia, and political and financial support to the new Ukrainian regime.

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