Richard Liu Qiangdong- Early life in entrepreneurship

Richard Liu is the founder and CEO of, the largest retailer in China. This is a company that he created from scratch. In an interview at the World Economic Forum, Liu revealed a lot of information about this business. He started by stating revealing that he is happy with how much he has achieved with this business, From scratch to now one of the biggest retailers in the world, this is a dream come true for Mr. Liu. The name is derived from the name of Richard Liu Qiangdongand his then-girlfriend. Before venturing into the retail business, the business was known as JingDong. It was started in 2004, although Liu says he started the idea in 1998.

Through the years, Liu has become an important player in the e-commerce sector in the world for his determination in making products accessible to consumers in the shortest time possible. Richard Liu was born into a humble family. His parents owned a small coal shipping business and therefore had nothing to offer him in terms of supporting his ambitions financially. All he received from them was the encouragement to work hard and pursue his dreams to the end. Looking back, he is proud of the experiences he went through since they shaped the person he is today. He grew up knowing that no one would pamper him with a good life if he failed to live to his dream of becoming a successful business person.

Richard Liu Qiangdong reveals that his first interests in business came while he was in university. He set up a small restaurant business. Although it later failed since he lacked sufficient time to manage it, he learned vital lessons that he applied when he started JingDong. While in college, Richard Liu realized that he had to do something that would make him unique from others. He started arming himself with tech skills that he would depend on after completing studies. In 1998, he created his first retail business that had stores in Beijing. In five years, he had managed to grow the presence of this business significantly by opening 12 stores. The stores were selling computer accessories.

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A Comprehensive Overview of Freedom Checks

Freedom Checks is a new opening in the investment industry. Some investors think that it is a free-money program run by the federal government, while others feel that it is one of those scandalous get-rich-quick schemes. However, savvy investors who understand the trade are already making colossal profits.Would you wish to be one of those wise investors? If yes, we have written this guide to enlighten you.

What are Freedom Checks?

It is an investment strategy in which you invest in Master Limited Partnerships. After a certain investment period, the MLPs grant you a return on your investment amount. Similar to the conventional stock trading, this investment opportunity can generate great yields within a short investment period.

What are Master Limited Partnerships?

It is a group of US-based companies that drill, refine, or supply oil, and or gas. As stated by the federal regulations, companies in a Master Limited Partnership must create at least 90% of their income from the production or sale of US’ natural resources like oil, coal, and minerals.

Why would you invest in Freedom Checks?

Savvy investment experts argue that freedom checks are one of the most lucrative investment openings you would undertake. Why? The oil company’s stock values are always growing as the population and demand for oil increases. Moreover, trading them is as easy as buying a company’s stocks. You don’t have to be a professional investor to reap the benefits.

They have risks that you would want to consider before you invest. First, your profits depend on the amount you invest, as well as the company’s financial health. Therefore, the opening may not be so lucrative for investors trading on a meager initial investment.

Just like any venture, they can either yield a loss or a profit. As such, you will need some basic trading skills to gauge an investment’s potential risk before you trade.

How would you claim your investment returns?

Claiming your them is a straightforward process. The MLP will either mail the investment returns to your address or send them into your investor account. Most companies prefer the latter method.

Badiali’s Freedom Checks are Legit and Profitable

The freedom checks investment has been vetted since the first advertisement hit the airwaves. Like any wealth generating opportunity the question of honesty comes into play. Is the opportunity a scam, or an actual investment people can depend on. A close look at the investment itself, as well as the people offering it usually answer this question effectively. In the case of freedom checks such vetting revealed that the investment was an actual investment after all. An opportunity offered by a legitimate investment source.

The source in question is Matt Badiali. A trained geologist who began his career in the natural resource market, Badiali is a reliable source of actionable information. He uses his knowledge to effectively ply his trade through hands on investigation. He is also able to point out opportunities by keeping a close eye on ever-changing market fluctuations. Freedom checks are a little known perk that Badiali is now advocating because of a significant shift in U.S. oil. As more business begins to come to America, and the nation gains more energy independence, stateside companies will turn quite a profit. This makes freedom checks a good investment to get in on. But what exactly is it?

A freedom check is an investment in what is known as a master limited partnerships. These are business entities resource companies assume to enjoy beneficial perks. The chief perk is a significant tax break allocated to the company if it divvies out 90% of its profit to stakeholders. Stakeholders are the investors that purchase a small percentage of the company for working capital. The capital is the other perk as it allows these business the same cash flow as a publicly traded entity.

As the profit must be doled out before taxes, anyone investing in MLPs receives a payout throughout the year. This payout is known as a return of capital payment, basically a reimbursement for money given. Only this reimbursement is doubled or tripled by the profit the company makes. Such payments have been named freedom checks by Badiali. A freedom check is a bankable opportunity that bears no hint of fraud.

Funding Management Benefits from Ted Bauman’s Expertise

Ted Bauman is an investing expert, and he shares his expertise with the world through articles and letters. Currently, he works as the editor of the Plan B Club, The Bauman Letter, and Alpha Stock alert and he joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013. At Banyan, he majors in asset security, global migration issues and offering strategies of how to capitalize on low-risk investments. Before these positions, Ted Bauman was editor of Smart Money Alert, served as director in International Housing Programs and has as well served as a consultant for universal governments and the United Nations. He has an experience of over twenty-five years as a fund manager for both for-profit and non-profit projects having worked and lived in South Africa. His attainment of postgraduate degrees in Economics and History from the University of Cape Town has boosted his career and has helped him achieve his lifetime objectives. He loves his writing job and enjoys sharing his experience and expertise with people which he does interestingly to entice more readers especially on topics regarding asset protection. He is for the idea that a writer should be able to explain why they choose the subjects they write and why they are essential to the reader which he does.

Ted Bauman is keen to judge the returns in the market and therefore advise people accordingly. In one of his articles, he explains three possible events where a stock market is likely to collapse hence preparing people for certain eventualities. The fact that he does a lot of research before writing any articles means that the information he gives is valid and reliable which makes his work unique. On his part, Ted Bauman takes pride in taking part as a fund manager in a low-cost housing project in South Africa. Additionally, he helped to establish a foundation called Slum Dwellers International which has helped more than fourteen million individuals in thirty-five countries globally. In that case, Ted Bauman has his unique way of giving back to the community and does not forget where came from as South Africa is a significant beneficiary of this initiative. According to him, he is evident in the fact that nobody is perfect, and people experience challenges, but the manner in which they handle them is what brings the difference. In that case, when one makes mistakes, they should not waste time there but use them as a stepping stone

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Freedom Checks is Another Name for An MLP

A master limited partnership is a publicly traded stake. It functions much like a stock, bears no controlling interest, and affords the business it belongs to working capital. Known as business partnerships, MLPs are mostly used to allow companies to enjoy the tax breaks partnerships are entitled to. This allows a business the ability to take advantage of a unique tax break, one that says taxes will not be taken out on income until investors are paid. The specific tax break MLPs use requires 90% of the income to be dispensed, leaving only 10% to be taxed. 568 companies dealing in the production of oil and natural gas are currently taking advantage of this tax break. All that is required are investors to purchase stakes. So, Matt Badiali is going on T.V. and letting everybody know that such stakes are available. Only he does not call them MLPs, he refers to the investment as Freedom Checks.

If you have seen the Freedom Checks video, then you already know about freedom checks. Badiali even holds one up to the camera so you can see how much John Q. So-and-So is about to make. Although it all seems to good to be true, Badiali is a legitimate investor, and the freedom check is a payout from a legitimate investment. The amounts he talks about come from his understanding of the natural resource market, of which his knowledge is extensive, and his expectation of where it is going to go. Oil production in the Middle East is decreasing, and U.S. oil production is now on the rise. U.S. natural resource companies stand to see quite a boom in their revenue, anyone holding an MLP stake will receive a generous percentage of that boom. All that is required is for an investor to purchase a stake. They can be had for as low as $10 dollars. The more money one invests the higher the percentage. “Freedom Checks” will come either monthly or quarterly depending on the business. They are return of capital payments in reality, personal checks made out to investors by the company they own stakes in.

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The Storied Career of Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen, an influential and successful Brazilian investor, started his career in an unlikely way—at age 18, he went to study at Federal University of Parana in engineering. He would make the switch to economics two years later, though his initial schooling would give him an advantage over other investors; engineers during the time had the ability to calculate compound interest rates, a skill that was valuable when computers and calculators were not widespread.

Perhaps it is this background that makes him such a savvy investor. Igor’s ability to predict trends and act on those predictions before others in the market helped him to rise wherever his career took him. After receiving his degree in 1970, he worked as an investment banker, during which time his prowess allowed him to work in Rio. There, he would go on to become the best in his class and receive a promotion to the board of directors at Multibanco. Two years later, in 1976, Igor became the CEO of Multibanco.

When Bank of America acquired Multibanco two years later, Igor Cornelsen left to pursue his own goals. He worked at Unibanco, one of Brazil’s top investment firms, until 1985 when interest rates skyrocketed in the country. Cornelsen would go on to work for Libra Bank PLC, a subsidiary of London Merchant Bank. His spot there marked a turning point for Igor; it was the first time he would be paid in U.S. Dollars. This change opened new investment opportunities for Igor, allowing him to put his skills to fuller use.

Igor would eventually move on again, this time as a member of the board of directors for Standard Chartered Merchant Bank, where he would act as representative to his home country of Brazil. He worked there for seven years before forming his own investment firm in 1995. He still spends his days as an investment manager. Igor Cornelsen continues to track political and economic environments to discover the depreciation of assets before his colleagues. He stands by his strategy of fact- and information-based decision making when it comes to investing.

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