Hard Workers Are Appreciated At USHealth Advisors

Jacquelyn worked hard all of her life. She inherited this trait from her parents who worked hard since childhood. Jacquelyn had a fantastic family of her own, a great job, and a degree, but her job downsized, and her hours were cut to practically nothing. Jacquelyn applied for several jobs, but she did not get any opportunities. Jacquelyn cried every night, feeling like she hit a brick wall on a dead-end street. Learn more about  USHealth Advisor  at Crunchbase.

One day, Jacquelyn stumbled upon USHealth Advisors. Upon applying, Jacquelyn informed USHealth Advisors that she knew nothing about health insurance or sales. To Jacquelyn’s surprise, USHealth Advisors told Jacquelyn they did not care about any of that. The only thing they cared about was if Jacquelyn loved to help people.

Jacquelyn filled out an application and got hired. Even better, Jacquelyn was able to work from home full-time. She had great mentors who called her every day, and soon Jacquelyn was bringing home $300 a week. Still not being enough to support a family, Jacquelyn decided to apply for an in-house job. USHealth Advisors gave Jacquelyn a chance. This came with her own cubicle, paid vacation time, monthly bonuses, and more.

Jacquelyn got off to a slow start because she was still mastering her craft. However, in a 15 month period, Jacquelyn made USHealth Advisors over four million dollars. The best part is that Jacquelyn earned one million dollars for herself. Today, Jacquelyn is one of the top agents at USHealth Advisors. She has since gone back to college without having to take out a single loan. Jacquelyn is providing for her family by giving her children the best of everything, and she is now mentoring new agents on how they can find success through USHealth Advisors. Jacquelyn went from working 12 hours a day to 5 hours a day or less, and she would not change it for the world.

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Freedom Life Insurance Company: Revolutionizing your Insurance World

Whenever there is mention of insurance, most people tend to think about their vehicles, houses and other assets. What they forget is the fact that death is an unavoidable risk. That is why it is important for each one of us to take an insurance cover so that whenever death decides to visit us, our loved ones will remain in a better position. In addition to the death benefits, there are myriads of gains which come about with life insurance.

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For instance, if you had high rates of unpaid taxes your assets remain protected, so your loved ones do not suffer. You also get to enjoy long-term financial security when you convert the savings to annuity and many others. However, there are many types of life insurance and settling for the right one is not a walk in the park.

Usually, freedom life insurance is in two categories, term and permanent. Opt for the first type if you need to be covered only for a short period. It also comes to your aid if you are on a fixed budget but in dire need of a life insurance cover. However, with term assurance, there is no equity in cash. The permanent cover comes in handy when you need protection for the rest o your life and also when you want to grow tax-free savings. The premiums for this type of a permanent covers are fixed while those for term protection may increase or decrease during renewal. Now there are many companies out there which offer you life insurance cover, but none assures you the best like Freedom Life Insurance.

It offers you broad coverage from health, credit, properties and even funerals. It operates as a subsidiary of the prominent USHEALTH which makes it even better as the company strives to give you quality services so it can live up to the name of the group. The customer care service is out of this world, and as their client, you get to feel at home. Freedom Life insurance has been in the insurance industry for more than six decades having been established in 1956. That works to assure you that the company is comprehensively familiar with the needs of its clients and it also has enough experience to tackle any of your insurance needs. It was previously known as consolidated American Life Insurance company till 1986 when it changed to its current label.

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USHEALTH Group | A Premier Health Insurance Partner with Innovative Products

The USHEALTH Group of companies is dedicated to providing innovative and reliable health coverage for all Americans. The group offers a portfolio of great plans custom-designed to meet the different needs of its diverse customer base. Today, USHEALTH Group has accumulated over 50 collective years of top-notch health insurance experience. Visit USHealth Group on Facebook.

USHEALTH Group’s family of insurance-related companies and advisors remain true innovators within the industry with flexible, secure, and affordable plans for individuals and families. To date, the USHEALTH Group is proud to have served over 15 million customers.

USHEALTH Group’s primary headquarters are in Fort Worth, Texas. It mainly offers its insurance products through two of its subsidiaries. One is named Freedom Life Insurance Company of America while the other is the National Foundation Life Insurance. Both offer original insurance solutions including Life, Accident, Disability, and Specified Disease/Sickness for families, individuals, as well as small and middle business owners plus their employees.

Products from USHEALTH Group

USHEALTH Group and all its subsidiaries understand that their customers have different insurance needs. That is why it is keen on creating a diverse group of customized plans that provide customers with choices. For plans like Accident or Specified Disease/Sickness, customers are free to select from an array of options depending on their preferences and budget.

The different innovative coverage options provided by the USHEALTH Group assures clients that all their needs are availed under one roof. It also ensures that individual needs for affordability, reliability, and flexibility are met.

When it comes to affordability, customers with a limited health insurance budget are catered for by the group of companies. Its products portfolio provides clients with the option of first dollar benefits which allows them to qualify for benefits before satisfying the required annual deductible amount. Moreover, clients get access to substantial network discounts negotiated with a broad spectrum of healthcare providers. This makes these customized insurance plans more affordable compared to comprehensive plans. Learn more about  USHealth Group at  Crunchbase

On the other hand, for customers who desire the security of a fully tailored medical coverage and who can afford a cost-sharing arrangement, then the USHEALTH Group of companies also offers these solutions. This is the hallmark of its ongoing commitment to provide customer satisfaction.

Irrespective of the coverage plan selected by customers, USHEALTH Group and its subsidiaries are ready to enhance their protection with their line of ancillary products that also include Critical Illness, Income Protector, Dental, Vision, Term Life Insurance, and Short term Accident Disability Income.

Excellent Service Delivery

USHEALTH Group and all its Subsidiary companies understand and appreciate two fundamental truths: that every customer has unique needs and that the ‘one size fits all’ tactic does not always provide the best answer. That is why when a client selects a plan from its products category, USHEALTH Group supplies them with exceptional claims processing procedures and excellent customer service. Learn more: https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/snapshot.asp?privcapId=313923

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