New lawyers Can Get Their Name known Through The Madison County Courier

Many lawyers in New York have a hard time getting their name out to the public. This is usually because of the top lawyers who have been in business for the last 50 years. Additionally, it costs three times as much to advertise today than it did even five years ago. New lawyers are skeptical to spend this kind of money without knowing for sure if they are going to make it back.


Well, there is some good news for new lawyers in New York. New lawyers can now get their name known through the Madison County Courier. This is a new online service that has been put into place to help people in the public find all types of lawyers; these will range from free lawyers up to the most expensive lawyers in the state.


Lawyers interested in being on the Madison County Courier must contact the New York Bar Association. The bar association will collect several pieces of information from the attorney. This includes a photo, cases that were won and lost, most recent reviews, and full prices.


When a member of the public searches for a lawyer, the database will recognize certain keywords and phrases. These keywords and phrases have to do with case type, income level, and more.


Attorney Jeremy L. Goldstein had attorneys in mind when he created this online platform. Indeed, this platform was created to help the general public access an attorney quickly, easily, and at an affordable price. However, Attorney Goldstein also wanted attorneys to be able to market themselves on this platform, too.


Though Attorney Goldstein has a few different law degrees from some of the best schools on the nation, and though he represents the most major of corporations, he understands how hard it is to get clients. That is why he made this online platform so easy for both the public and attorneys.


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