Brian Torchin, Closing the Healthcare Job Gap

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Working in healthcare is unforgiving. You need rigorous up to date training, you are overworked, and finding jobs can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Brian Torchin is the CEO and founder of Health Care Recruitment Staffing or HCRC, and he is here to change that notion.

HCRC is there to help hard-working, successful health care professionals find the jobs they deserve. Brian knows full well what it’s like to look for jobs in the healthcare industry. Brian graduated from Plainview – Old Bethpage/ JFK Highschool in 1988 and moved to Newark, Delaware for college. His first career path was working in medicine as a sports chiropractor and physical therapist.

As a black belt in Ju Jitsu and following mixed martial arts on TV, he knows how high the demand is for a sports chiropractor. However, he realized his colleagues were having a hard time finding jobs, even with such a high demand. Healthcare companies didn’t have a medium to post healthcare specialty jobs online. Once Brian started HCRC in 2005, that medium became a reality. Healthcare companies can now connect with the specialists looking for work. It’s a win for the healthcare companies and those seeking specialty jobs. Brian currently lives with his wife and son in Philadelphia, PA managing the chiropractic section of HCRC.

Brian recently traveled to Oslo, Norway to keep his chiropractic knowledge up to date.   Check him out on Behance, and read more about Brian’s incredible career on BitsyLink.

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