Rocketship Education Has Something Special

Rocketship Education is a network of non-profit public schools located in several cities in low-income areas. It is a system where teachers, parents, and students blend together to make education a better system than it would have otherwise been. Rocketship strives to establish elementary schools in lower economic areas where quality education is needed.

Many lower economic areas cannot afford the tax base to have first-class public schools in their midst, so gaps in student learning and achievement are bound to occur. The goal of Rocketship Education is to eliminate these learning gaps in our lifetime.

Rocketship Education employes “Parent Power” in order to have the parents become involved and invested in their children’s educational process. When the parents become a part of the process on purpose. This is a facet that is so powerful that it almost always spells success for the student.

The approach that Rocketship uses is to show each student that they deserve the opportunity to be the best that they can be in order to develop their full potential. When motivated parents go into action, the students become motivated. With skilled and knowledgeable instructors mixed into the recipe, amazing achievements begin to occur. The result is a very transparent system where everyone has a stake in the final outcome.

Rocketship Education utilizes their STEM program, which stands for sciences, technology, engineering, and math. Humanities are emphasized, but more emphasis is placed on the STEM areas. It is very important for the teachers to meet the parents of the children who are going to be in the Rocketship program. Many parents feel initially that they are not qualified to participate due to their own lack of education, but even just a little support and encouragement from parents is extremely helpful.

When teachers get to know the parents, then histories and values that are important to the family become a part of the child’s education and the parents become more enthusiastic and empowered to make it all work. This helps to personalize each child’s educational process so that it is relevant to the goals and wishes of the family.