The Two Sides to Education Secretary Betsy DeVos

If you were to go to Grand Rapids, Michigan, you would likely notice two prominent political centered surnames. The first name you would notice would be the name of President Gerald Ford. Grand Rapids was the childhood home of the former president of the United States and is the location of the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum. The museum is also the final resting place of the president and his wife. It has an extensive collection about his life and about his history-making presidency. Ford was the first president and vice president to not be elected by a vote to the office, but because he was the Republican speaker of the house during Watergate he was next in line for the position following Nixon’s impeachment. The second political surname you would notice in Grand Rapids is DeVos. Many of the buildings in the city are named after them.


Most of the residents in Grand Rapids would tell you that the DeVos family are known for their philanthropy, education, and political work in the city. This is a sharp turn of contrast to how the media has portrayed Betsy DeVos in the coverage of her work as education secretary of the United State of America. The media has portrayed DeVos and her husband as elitists who do not and could not understand the problems that exist within the education department of the nation.


Based on the words of those in Grand Rapids -even those who do not care for the political points of view of them- Betsy DeVos and her husband can and do understand the problems within the education department. The answer to why this is the case lies in the fact that the two of them were both brought up to be devout Christians who aim to be compassionate toward others. Their philanthropy work resulted in Betsy DeVos speaking to a variety of different students and families who were oftentimes struggling. In an attempt to fix problems within the education department in Grand Rapids, Betsy DeVos has pushed for school choice systems and created scholarship problems for deserving students.


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As education secretary, Betsy DeVos has continued to be criticized for not being aware enough though by most media outlets and a number of criticizers. The education secretary has learned that she must ignore the criticism in the media and focus on her work. She has visited various schools in the country, presented her school choice ideas and other ideas to the education department, and has been willing to keep dialogues and debates open about decisions for the schools. She pushed for debates to come up with solutions within Congress following the school shooting in Parkland. Her push for debates in Congress about the issue was met with praise from Republicans and Democrats alike. Despite adversity and a negative false media image, Betsy DeVos has and will continue to show who she really is in her work for the education department.

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End Citizens United Want To Amend New Order from Supreme Court

End Citizens United is a political reform group that formed on March 1st, 2015 as a response to 2010 when the Supreme Court decided in the Citizens United vs. F.E.C. completely changed the landscape of American elections forever. This was done through establishing the legal basis “corporations are people” which allows the door to be opened for billionaires to spend an unlimited amount of American citizen’s taxpayer dollars on elections. The End Citizens United is a political reform group that is dedicated to reforming the disastrous laws that allow candidates spending to run rampant. Our federal campaign spending laws need severely revamped to ensure that people’s tax money is not being spent in unjust ways.


The End Citizens United is an organization that calls citizens and local people to make a difference through various actions. You can sign your name to thank Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg for fighting Citizens United. You can attend a town hall to make your voices heard to the local representatives that represent your area to make the laws and reforms a priority. Join the movement that helps hold the president Donald Trump and his elected officials accountable for the promises they have made and for fulfilling the will of the people to ensure that their tax money is being spent on the right things with the money being spent on campaigns.


In the end, the End Citizens United was one of the new political players in the 2016 election campaign as they wanted to make their name a big player in the game. This resulted in them funneling $10s millions to various Democrat candidates that were running for offices throughout the US. In the end, the group believes they will be able to raise about $25 to $30 million during this entire campaign cycle according to their Communications Director Richard Carbo.


The ultimate goal of the group is to get a constitutional amendment to reverse the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision which until 2010 gave rise to super PACs and unleashed a tidal wave of dark money into politics. To date, more than 325,000 people have signed the End Citizens United Petition and That number is likely to receive a boost as the group is paired with the “Ready for Hillary” movement which includes the upwards of 4 million members to date and they plan to reach out to more supporters in the future.


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