CTRMA: Revolutionizing the Transport Sector

Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA) is an autonomous government body which was established in 2002 in order to ameliorate the transportation system in the two counties of Central Texas. The CTRMA under the dynamic leadership of Mike Heiligenstein, the executive director, has revolutionized the transport system in the area by putting in place a modern network of transport for the region of Central Texas. The agency has built a network of highways and flyovers throughout the counties connecting the whole region of Central Texas together.



The CTRMA has built State Highway 130 which starts from near San Antonio. The toll revenue on this road has shrunk because of the low number f vehicles passing through it. Explaining the low number of vehicles on SH 130, the Executive Director of CTRMA, Mike Heiligenstein, posits that the huge traffic flow on Interstate 35 and the small number of lanes, the problem that will take the next 20 years for it to lessen traffic. The existing lanes on this road are a few and more lanes need to be added to these to make the flow of traffic smoother. However, Mike Heiligenstein thinks that the problem cannot be solved by merely increasing the flow of traffic on SH 130 by diverting from the Interstate 35. The solution should entail a broader approach entailing the new ways to enhance capacity and to change travel behavior.



To solve the growing problem of poor performance by toll roads, Mike Heiligenstein suggests a novel approach for leveraging public money into a program. According to Mike, the money spent on the extension of 183A totally came from the toll revenue rather than from tax dollars. He suggests creating a system of toll type tags for vehicles passing through county roads because currently, county roads do not have the proper structure to cater to the growing demand and the vehicles with huge weight.



Mike Heiligenstein has been serving the CTRMA as its Executive Director since 2003 when he was chosen for the position by the board of directors of the agency. He has vast experience of managing public matters and public service. He remained an elected official in Williamson County for 23 years during which he oversaw the implementation of the decisions regarding the overall infrastructure of the County. He also remained a member of several other bodies working for strengthening the infrastructure.



Mike earned master degrees in both Government and Business from the University of Texas. He is known throughout the U.S. as an authority on matters related to infrastructure and transportation networks.

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