How To Run Private Traveling Vineyard Wine Tasting Events And Earn Extra Cash

While it’s not surprising that a company named Traveling Vineyard would sell wine, they have chosen non-traditional settings to let customers sample their exclusive wines. Instead of using traditional retail channels, the Traveling Vineyard engages independent Wine Guides to educate consumers about their products and host wine tastings in private homes. While the Traveling Vineyard benefits by establishing a personal connection with their customers, Wine Guides also benefit by establishing a relationship with a direct selling company that allows them to become entrepreneurs without a major investment.

Starting a home-based business from scratch is complicated without a business plan, reliable supplier and training, all of which the Traveling Vineyard provides to Wine Guides. Since there are no prerequisites to being a Wine Guide, such as being knowledgeable about wines and food pairings or having sales experience, the opportunity is ideal for individuals with limited work experience, people who do not have a college degree and individuals who find it difficult to secure a job with suitable evening and weekend hours, such as stay-at-home parents. No 21st century business is complete without a website, also provided by the Traveling Vineyard, for repeat orders. In addition, the Traveling Vineyard ships the orders Wine Guides generate, so fulfillment is taken care of as well.

Naturally, the major benefit men and women receive as Wine Guides is extra money, earned from commissions. Since the Traveling Vineyard pairs new Wine Guides with mentors and offers extensive training, the amount earned is up to each independent representative. A generous commission plan is supplemented by personal volume bonuses, with additional income possible by sharing the opportunity with friends, family and acquaintances. There are no quotas; therefore, individuals who want to save for a vacation are just as welcome as wine enthusiasts who want to start a new career as a Wine Guide.

Running private Traveling Vineyard wine tasting in-home events is an exciting business opportunity for individuals who would prefer to have their own business where they set their own hours. Enthusiasm is more important to the success of a Wine Guide than wine expertise, since the Traveling Vineyard’s training materials provide everything that their Wine Guides need to promote the wines successfully.

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