Jeff Herman Discusses His Discoveries Regarding The Trial Of Bill Cosby

Jeff Herman has received national recognition as a trial attorney. His is an advocate for the survivors of sexual exploitation, sexual abuse and rape. He has also taken an interest in the case involving Bill Cosby. He believes the trial relates to both society and his own practice. He is listening to the stories being told by the victims. He is concerned the defense incorporated the rape culture of she knew what she wanted and what she was doing. This defense was not effective, and Bill Cosby was found guilty by the jury.


Jeff Herman made several discoveries while reviewing the trial proceedings. He found out during the last five decades there were sixty women who publicly accused Bill Cosby of sexual misconduct. The reason there has only been one trial is because of the statute of limitations for previous accusations. Jeff Herman has spoken of the Pennsylvania case regarding Andrea Constand. She made accusations of indecent and aggravated assault against Bill Cosby. She claimed he was using his power and fame to entice women into situations he controlled. This claim was supported by five other women. The testimony from these women stated they were plied with alcohol or drugs then sexually assaulted. See This Article for additional information.


Bill Cosby plead not guilty and did not testify in his defense. Ms. Constand was painted by the attorneys as a pathological liar wanting a settlement. Numerous women have used a hashtag to describe being sexually assaulted and harassed. Jeff Herman believes women are starting to support each other and band together. This makes it a little easier for the women to step forward and tell their stories. The jury for Bill Cosby was sequestered and their deliberation required less than two days. They found Bill Cosby guilty of all three counts of sexual assault. Each conviction carries a sentence of a maximum of ten years in prison.


Bill Cosby is planning to appeal but his legal difficulties may be just beginning. He has been accused of rape by over sixty women. These lawsuits are expected to move forward. One of these lawsuits concerns Judy Huth. She stated she was fifteen when Bill Cosby raped her in 1974. This made her a minor. For full details Read The Downfall of Bill Cosby, America’s Dad