Krishen Iyer Discusses His Entrepreneurial Endeavors

It hasn’t always been easy but, despite some setbacks, Krishen Iyer has become a successful business owner and entrepreneur. He began his first entrepreneurial enterprise when he was a sophomore at San Diego State back in 2002. That’s when he opened IHS Insurance, a company designed to insure as many people as possible. This business would continue on for more than a decade. In 2009, he started yet another company known as Name My Premium, a business that sells premium domain names to people to help them earn more and set them apart from the competition. However, in 2014, Krishen Iyer decided to disband IHS Insurance, although it’s not clear why he decided to move on from this business. A year later, he walked away from Name My Premium as well.

Once again, it was not clear why Krishen Iyer decided to leave but he opened up his current business, Managed Benefits Services, not long afterward. There are many marketing companies out there who appear to have numerous unmet needs and this is where MBS comes into the picture. It is their goal to ensure that all of these marketing companies have the tools and resources they need to achieve consistent growth and prosperity. He serves as the CEO and founder of the company. The best $100 Krishen Iyer ever spent is when he invited his colleagues to a night out at a karaoke bar and offered to buy free drinks for anyone who consented to getting on stage and singing a song.

To this day, he still insists that one of the best books ever written is Stephen King’s novel that provides advice on writing a decent memoir as he believes it provides entrepreneurs with all the tools and resources they need to be successful in the business industry.

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