Malcolm CasSelle Proclaims WAX to be the Tipping Point for Cryptocurrency

The world of cryptocurrency is primed to change the very face of traditional banking. Experts speculate that recent blockchain technology opens doors for many physical mediums like stocks to become fully and safely virtualized. All it takes is a tipping point, something to instigate the avalanche. According to Malcolm CasSelle that tipping point is a new P2P network called WAX.

WAX stands for Worldwide Asset eXchange. It is a decentralized player to player marketplace that uses blockchain technology to provide optimum security. It allows video games connected to its network to accomplish cross-game transactions through use of WAX tokens. WAX tokens represent another burgeoning technology, tokenization, the idea of creating a universal digital value for different currencies. This is the tech that cuts out the middle man and allows for seamless transactions globally despite the currency used.

Malcolm CasSelle is also the CIO for OPSkins, a global leader for in-game asset sales, and the parent company behind WAX. CasSelle has always been an innovator with a keen insight for the market. He was an early stage investor in bitcoin and now looks to WAX as the key ingredient for cryptocurrency going mainstream. CasSelle is serving as the president of WAX, and even went as far as to make a public statement about its effect on the future. WAX does present a revolutionary precedent. Gamers actually have the ability to make a return of investment on digital assets. According to CasSelle this legitimization of gaming currency could very well be the tipping point needed. All that has to happen is for major gaming companies to follow suit, and an entirely new market would rise up.

Malcolm CasSelle has been involved with the online world since the 90’s. He formed his first online company in ’95 and has gone on to serve in numerous others. He has either been the founder or major executive in a slew of online companies. CasSelle was a key player in Groupon’s joint venture with Tencent. He also had a hand in the beginnings of online payment processing, as well as social media. In addition to bitcoin, CasSelle was also an early investor in Facebook.

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