Michael Phelps and Talkspace Team up to Battle Depression

Talkspace is an app that connects people with a licensed therapist. The app is loved by many because it’s very convenient. Those that use the app can simply log on and talk to a therapist in minutes. Users can switch therapists immediately. The new therapist has a record of everything you’ve discussed with the previous therapist. Talkspace can also be accessed through the computer. More than a million people have accessed this company’s service. The brand is growing by building partnerships.

Talkspace recently partnered with olympic swimmer Michael Phelps. Phelps is a strong advocate for therapy. It is a cause that he believes in because therapy has helped him in his personal life. Talkspace’s main goal is to help people with emotional problems related to issues like depression. Depression has been linked to a neurological imabalance, but studies have found that both medication and therapy can improve symptoms of depression. Michael Phelps suffered from depression after his training in the Olympics. He battled with suicidal thoughts for long periods of time. Phelps also suffered from severe anxiety. Phelps has appeared in TV ads that promote the Talkspace app.

Phelps’ television ads have a simple message. He is a very successful swimmer, so the ads point out ways depression has an effect on thoughts and feelings. People can be depressed without actually have a real reason to feel this way. Phelps eventually sought treatment because he realized something wasn’t right. He ultimately overcame his depression. He shares that message with people in the Talkspace advertisement.

The company recently formed a partnership with New Directions. New Directions is a behavior healthcare provider that focuses on issues like substance abuse and case management. Their case managers focus on a wide variety of issues related to emotional and behavioral problems. Those that visit New Directions can now access the Talkspace app. New Directions believes that this partnership will create a new distribution channel for the company to help people. Talkspace helps many customers through New Directions’ student assistance program. The Talkspace service is meant to complement many services that New Directions already provides to customers.

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