The Amazing Doe Deere And Her Lime Crime Cosmetics Line

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Russian born entrepreneur Doe Deere is a hard working visionary. She is also a multitalented artist. In a recent BCE article she gave a little insight as to how and why she created her iconic Lime Crime cosmetics line. Deere also talked a little about growing up in New York City and her current life in Los Angeles, California. The article hints at the resilience and creativity of this young woman that has taken the limes life has thrown her and turned them into Lime Crime cosmetics, one of the hottest new make-up lines on the planet today.

Success didn’t come easy for Doe Deere. Her story is one of persistence and making the best use possible of the talents with which she was blessed. Doe Deere dreamed of being a fashion designer and model and she has had some success in both those fields. She has also tried her hand in the music industry. While her singing career with Sky Salt, the rock band she formed with her husband Mark, had modest success, she was not satisfied. In attempting to make her on-stage appearance more compelling, she began making her own cosmetics. With the encouragement and support of people on her online makeup tutorial, Lime Crime cosmetics was born.

Her unique vision and trendy creations have touched a chord with people of all ages and cultures and has propelled the Lime Crime brand onto the world stage. Through her Team Candyfuture fan club and her Twitter and Instagram accounts she is in constant contact with her adoring public, listening to their comments and sharing her vision for creating a more fun, colorful world through makeup.

The Lime Crime line of makeup for unicorns was launched in 2008 and almost instantly became an international sensation. That because Lime Crime cosmetics allows people to make a loud statement without saying a word. The vibrant colors of the line’s lipstick, nail polish, rogue, blush, eye-shadow, and more speaks volumes about people’s yearning for creative, revolutionary, self-expression. And while Doe Deere has already blessed the world with unique fashion statements and incredible makeup, she is just beginning. The Unicorn Queen never sleeps and she has thousands of amazing, innovative ideas to share.

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  1. What makes Lime Crime cosmetics unique is the dazzlingly bright colors and sparkles the makeup line produces. Doe Deere calls it releasing your inner unicorn and calls herself the Unicorn Queen. There are ways in which could have gotten hold of these things too.

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