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The USHEALTH Group of companies is dedicated to providing innovative and reliable health coverage for all Americans. The group offers a portfolio of great plans custom-designed to meet the different needs of its diverse customer base. Today, USHEALTH Group has accumulated over 50 collective years of top-notch health insurance experience. Visit USHealth Group on Facebook.

USHEALTH Group’s family of insurance-related companies and advisors remain true innovators within the industry with flexible, secure, and affordable plans for individuals and families. To date, the USHEALTH Group is proud to have served over 15 million customers.

USHEALTH Group’s primary headquarters are in Fort Worth, Texas. It mainly offers its insurance products through two of its subsidiaries. One is named Freedom Life Insurance Company of America while the other is the National Foundation Life Insurance. Both offer original insurance solutions including Life, Accident, Disability, and Specified Disease/Sickness for families, individuals, as well as small and middle business owners plus their employees.

Products from USHEALTH Group

USHEALTH Group and all its subsidiaries understand that their customers have different insurance needs. That is why it is keen on creating a diverse group of customized plans that provide customers with choices. For plans like Accident or Specified Disease/Sickness, customers are free to select from an array of options depending on their preferences and budget.

The different innovative coverage options provided by the USHEALTH Group assures clients that all their needs are availed under one roof. It also ensures that individual needs for affordability, reliability, and flexibility are met.

When it comes to affordability, customers with a limited health insurance budget are catered for by the group of companies. Its products portfolio provides clients with the option of first dollar benefits which allows them to qualify for benefits before satisfying the required annual deductible amount. Moreover, clients get access to substantial network discounts negotiated with a broad spectrum of healthcare providers. This makes these customized insurance plans more affordable compared to comprehensive plans. Learn more about  USHealth Group at  Crunchbase

On the other hand, for customers who desire the security of a fully tailored medical coverage and who can afford a cost-sharing arrangement, then the USHEALTH Group of companies also offers these solutions. This is the hallmark of its ongoing commitment to provide customer satisfaction.

Irrespective of the coverage plan selected by customers, USHEALTH Group and its subsidiaries are ready to enhance their protection with their line of ancillary products that also include Critical Illness, Income Protector, Dental, Vision, Term Life Insurance, and Short term Accident Disability Income.

Excellent Service Delivery

USHEALTH Group and all its Subsidiary companies understand and appreciate two fundamental truths: that every customer has unique needs and that the ‘one size fits all’ tactic does not always provide the best answer. That is why when a client selects a plan from its products category, USHEALTH Group supplies them with exceptional claims processing procedures and excellent customer service. Learn more:

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